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Strong Tower Christian School

Strong Tower Christian SchoolStrong Tower Christian School is a private school located in Pueblo Nuevo, a small community in Northern Peru.  Founded by Thomas and Carol Clark, the first class of twelve kindergarten students began in March of 2006.  Each year since, a new grade has been added so that at the start of the 2013 school year, K3, K4, K5, and first through fifth grades were offered.  This will continue as God directs and provides.

STCS emphasizes Bible, English, and computer classes.  Christian Peruvian teachers help provide a quality Christian education along with volunteer English teachers.   English classes are all taught by native English speakers and both Bible and English are taught to every student, every day.  This, coupled with a low cost, attracts many families from the surrounding economically depressed community. 
Parents are required to attend a monthly seminar- a venue at which the gospel is clearly presented as well as parenting, health, nutrition, and family orientation. 

Many of the families in this area would not be able to afford any education at all, much less a quality Christian and bilingual curricula, if it weren't for the Family Work Program (FWP) that STCS offers.  FWP is a scholarship program accessed on a case by case evaluation of the individual family's financial standing.  Rather than encourage a welfare mentality, FWP provides the opportunity for families to participate in assigned manual labor within their existing skill sets on the premises, making improvements on the property where both the school and the children's home infrastructure continue to be developed.  Not only do the individual students benefit from the exposure to the Scripture and gospel message at an early age; there is the family connection that is used to reach into homes providing spiritual counsel and guidance as the Lord works in the hearts of each family member.

In 2010 Mark deJager commenced work as the full-time administrator of STCS. Many different volunteers have come to help teach English and the hope is to have long-term believers with teaching credentials come to fill this need.

Volunteers play an important part in the existence of the school.   They have filled many roles at Strong Tower, such as that of English Teacher, English teacher aide, K3 teacher (an  English immersion class) and remedial teacher.  Others have worked on the infrastructure building classrooms or sports platforms, setting up computers, building databases and much more.

The Lord has provided the funds and volunteers needed to build new classrooms and other needed structures as the school grows.

Strong Tower Christian School
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