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Peru reinstates foreign adoption

Approximately 70% of the over 80 children that have passed through Morning Star Children’s Home have been adopted into both Peruvian and foreign families. With national and international travel coming to a complete halt in March of 2020, the COVID lockdown also froze the adoption process. However as of August 2021 adoptions are back on track and while still having to navigate the additional protocols the COVID pandemic has brought to bear, the legal system has made the adjustments necessary to once again begin to place children with adoptive families.

Of the other 30% of the children, some are returned to their biological families after the pertinent investigations are concluded and some are begin placed into foster care as Peru is developing a fledgling Foster Care system nationwide. There are many moving parts in a complicated system that in many cases requires Morning Star to undertake exceptional measures to ensure that individual cases get the attention require for progress to be made.

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