Morning Star Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist

    • Passport
    • VISA- US nationals do not require a visa for tourist stays of up to 90 days. To check and see if you need a visa, visit
    • Special inoculations are not necessary for travel to Chiclayo. If you plan on traveling east of the Andes, please check with your local health department for the necessary inoculations.
    • Your local blood bank may not allow donations for 1 year from the date of your return. Consider donating before you come.
    • International airline reservations
    • In-country travel:
      • By bus- Cruz Del Sur and Civa are recommended. This is a 12 to 14-hour ride in state-of-the-art comfort with excellent security which provides meals, movies and large seats that lay 180 degrees flat.
      • By air- Chiclayo is a 65-minute flight from Lima and there are several airlines from which to choose.
    • Accommodations in Lima (if required by your travel schedule). A Morning Star representative can make reservations for you at a nearby clean, safe, moderately-priced hotel and/or transportation to any destination in Lima.
      • Hotel Vista del Sol – Av. Elmer Faucett 1740 – Bellavista Callao
        • About 10 minutes from the airport.
        • Reservations can be made on line.
      • Golden Tower Hotel – Av. Universitaria 883, San Miguel, Lima, Peru
        • Restaurants and shopping are nearby.
        • About 20 minutes from the airport.
        • Reservations can be made online.
    • Contact Information for Morning Star for yourself and to leave with a contact at home.
    • Copy of your Itinerary and Passport to leave with a contact at home
    • Contact your credit card company a week prior to departure notifying them of your travel to Peru for any cards you may want to use here
    • Cash – the banks in Peru scrutinize US dollars very carefully; make sure that the money you bring with you is pristine – no rips or tears, additional writing, etc. Only Euros and U.S. dollars are easily exchanged in Peru.
    • Clothing: The temperatures range from mild to hot. From April to September you might want a light to medium jacket at night and some mornings but during the day it always warms up so a versatile wardrobe would have light layers of mostly short sleeves.
    • Comfortable clothes: i.e., shorts, t-shirts, jeans. PLEASE, NO strapless, spaghetti straps, low cleavage, midriffs or undergarments that show, or hemlines above the knee
      • Comfortable shoes: i.e. sneakers, flip flops- There is a lot of dirt and gravel you will probably have to walk across almost daily and heels are not very appropriate for the terrain, though they are certainly not prohibited.
      • Church meetings- Dress is casual but not overly so. Shoes are needed (not flip-flops) and no shorts. Ladies generally wear skirts; head coverings are a must if you are staying more than a few weeks. Men need to dress neatly, but ties or suits would be over the top.
    • Necessary Personal Items:
      • (If staying at Morning Star) Towel, wash cloth, sheets for a single bed. Pillows and blankets will be supplied by Morning Star.
      • Medications
      • Electricity is 220V, if you bring any electronics you will need a transformer. Consider living without these items while you’re in Peru as it will make your travels lighter and less complicated. (There is a hair dryer available.)
      • Toiletries:
        • Tissues/toilet paper and hand sanitizer for in-country travel.
        • Bug spray- There are myriads of hungry mosquitoes which feed all day long and much of the evening from December to May.
        • Ladies: Tampons are expensive although pads are not, so if you consider them a “must have,” bring a supply.
    • Suggested Personal Items
      • A bilingual Bible is helpful if you are not fluent in Spanish
      • Laptop or tablet- Totally optional but there is good internet service on campus and having your own device makes it easier for you to stay in touch with home.
      • Camera, along with additional batteries and memory cards.
      • Sunscreen- Good to have any time you visit Morning Star, which is in the subtropics and the desert where the sun shines strongly every day of the year. If your skin is sensitive, bring lots of potent sun screen.

Since it is not feasible to ship items to Peru, think about filling your entire allowed luggage (including a carryon and personal item) to the maximum weight limit with supplies that can be used at the children’s home or church. To find out what you can bring contact Carol Clark at

Contact Information in Chiclayo:
Tom Clark
Peru number: +51 – 979652001
Tom’s cell: +51 – 979652001

Morning Star Children’s Home
Calle Alberto Exebio #701
Pueblo Nuevo, Ferrenafe

Accommodations in Chiclayo:

  • A representative from Morning Star will meet you at the bus
    station or airport in Chiclayo and take you to your lodging.
  • All meals provided for those staying on site, as well as access to kitchen and laundry facilities and internet access.

A few more observations:

  • For transportation from the Lima Airport to lodging or the bus, TAXI GREEN is a reliable taxi service. Do not use unknown taxis.
  • A very busy and compact city of over 700,000 inhabitants, Chiclayo has mild weather most of the year. With highs in the dry mid-nineties during the day and mid-seventies at night during the months of January & February, highs in the mid-seventies and night lows in the mid-fifties during the months of July & August.
  • ATMs are readily available in Chiclayo, though not in Pueblo Nuevo.
  • In Chiclayo there are franchises such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut & Starbucks. There are several large grocery stores and the equivalent of a Home Depot. There is not much in the way of consumables that can’t be found.
  • Phone service and internet are available and inexpensive, even in Pueblo Nuevo.
  • Taxis are abundant and cheap in Chiclayo, mototaxis in Pueblo Nuevo.
  • Spanish is the primary language in Peru and most people do not speak anything else.
  • Don’t be afraid to bargain – it’s expected.
  • Only drink bottled water. To be extra careful, even brush your teeth with it.
  • In both Lima and Chiclayo, vehicular traffic is chaotic and random. This is due to the lack of traffic regulations. And even sidewalks have pot holes and other obstacles. When walking, proceed with extreme caution! Crossing at the corner can be hazardous; it is safer to cross in the middle of the block – cars make very quick and sharp turns around the curbs.

From all the volunteers who have gone before you, we know that the Lord will work mightily during your trip as you serve the children of Morning Star Children’s Home… May the Lord Bless You!