Most choosing to come and have a first-hand experience are quickly enamored by these sweet children. Those who want to come to the field and use their skills and talents to benefit the children may do so individually or in groups. These brave souls have meaningful involvement in the lives of the homeless children of Chiclayo.
There are many opportunities to volunteer at the children’s home- from childcare to cooking, construction, gardening, maintenance, and the list goes on!

While volunteering at Morning Star, you may stay on-site or at a nearby hotel, depending on the particulars of your trip. If you stay on-site and have your meals prepared by our staff, we request $30 per day to cover the costs. If you choose to stay at a local hotel we can help arrange those accommodations.

Each day you’ll spend time performing tasks specifically designed to fit your abilities and expectations, as well as the needs of the home and church. If you are interested in organizing a short term missions team (construction, maintenance, medical, evangelistic, etc), please contact us at tclark@morningstarperu.org to discuss specific details as to the kind of project, size of the team, possible dates and logistical coordination. Please view our Frequently Asked Questions and the travel guide as a first step.

Due to the amount of exposure volunteers have with the children and the spiritual orientation of our ministry, we look for volunteers that agree with the statement of faith. Spanish is basically the only language spoken in this part of Peru, but fluency is not required. To get started just fill in the form below and click “submit”. We’ll get in touch to fine-tune the details. If you do not receive a response within 4 days, please send an email to info@morningstarperu.org just in case there was a technical issue, and oh, yes….THANK YOU!

Morning Star requires a letter of reference from your church leader(s) stating that they are aware of your plans and agree with them. They can email that to info@morningstarperu.org Also, please let us know about any pertinent allergies, medications or medical conditions

Do you have experience working with children?

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Do you agree with our Statement of Faith?

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