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Strong Tower Christian School invites you to be a part of their next construction project. Our goal is to complete ...
Target Adoption Cases
Among those currently housed at Morningstar, 12 year old Maria has been here the longest. She arrived in February of 2009 from an environment of negligence and abuse on the part of her single mother...
Offering Hope to the Children of Peru

Morningstar greatly appreciates all help and support offered and welcomes your contribution to this ministry.  Prayer for this ministry, those in this work, and the children and their futures is surely our most coveted and valued resource.

In this small organization all donated resources are completely and directly used for the benefit of those children entrusted to us. Our goal is to house 80 children in 10 homes within a single compound and to build a thriving school that will subsidize Morningstar as well as educate and evangelize the surrounding area.

Our ministry is looking to increase awareness of the needs of northern Peru's homeless children and is blessed with supporters who have found creative ways to not only support the children financially, but to increase the awareness of those around them. Please look over the next two sections and prayerfully consider how you can be a part of the mighty work the Lord is doing in our community.

Supporting Financially


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